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How do you get started?
When you are ready to get started with your dancing we will recommend that you call the studio at 414-271-1002 and schedule an introductory special. You may also use the information form. Any of the teachers who take your call will be happy to get you booked in. When you come in for your initial appointment we will show you around the school, help you select the dances you wish to learn and get you started dancing. After your first appointment we will schedule your second private lesson of the special and go over the group class calendar to help you select the group classes that will best suit your needs. After you complete the special you will have a better idea of what works best for your dance instruction and we can tailor your private and group lessons to you.
What is an Introductory Special?
All new students coming to East Towne for the first time are offered an introductory special for $55.00 ($65 for a couple). It includes 2 private lessons (1/2 hour each) and 1 group class (1 hour). This is to give you the opportunity to see the school and have an instructor help you select the dances you wish to learn. After the Introductory Program you pay for your lessons as you take them.
What type of lessons are available?
Private instruction:  This is one-on-one with you and your instructor.  Your instruction is personally tailored to your specific needs.  Private instruction, without a doubt, is the optimum method of learning. Included in this category is in-house and visiting coaching sessions.

Group instruction:  Highly recommended as a means to supplement your private instruction, try dances you are not currently working on privately, and developing skills with others of similar level. Also recommended for casual social dancers to keep their skills in shape.

Practice parties:  Meet and dance with other members of all levels from the Ballroom community, develop your leading and following skills in a practical environment with professionals available to trouble shoot, and just have a great time dancing to a great mix of current dance music at a very fun place to go dancing.
What styles of dancing do we teach?
American Style Rhythm:  Unique to the United States the Latin or Rhythm dances are considered to be the most authentic to their roots.  They include Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Samba, Merengue, and Hustle. Other night club styles such as Lindy and Salsa could also be put in this category.

American Style Smooth:  These dances capture the flavor of the classic Hollywood musicals.  Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango and Viennese Waltz all sweep across the floor with closed and open position movements.

International Style Latin:  These dances are standardized world wide with some variation in the technique used slightly different from the American Style.  The dances include Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.

International Style Ballroom:  With the addition of Quick Step, the dances are the same as the American Smooth.  However, once the music starts the traditional closed dance hold is maintained the entire dance.  Again, these are internationally standardized figures.
What class is right for you?
Whether you are supplementing your private lessons or just taking group classes we can help you select the appropriate class for your goals. The classes you attend should be challenging but not overwhelming. Some classes are more geared towards figures and variety while others focus on styling, skill level, and technique.
What kind of curriculum do we teach?
All of our teachers use National Dance Council of America recognized syllabus programs for American Style and the Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing syllabus for International Style. Many studios have their own programs however the material is basically the same with some name differences for variations.  With the material you learn here you will be able to dance any dance, with any partner, anywhere!
What do the different medalist levels mean?
Virtually every dance studio in the world uses a medalist system of teaching. These different medal levels basically represent levels of proficiency whether you are a competitor or social dancer.

Novice or Newcomer level dancers are students who are just getting their feet wet, so to speak, or someone who just needs a quick crash course. Novice dancers have a couple of basic steps in their chosen dances and basic lead/follow and timing skills.

Bronze level dancers represent a very thorough and competent level of social dancer. Bronze dancers are rehearsed  and natural and have a good understanding of lead/follow, rhythm, character of the different dances, and a well-rounded list of variations.  

Silver level dancers are the type of social dancer’s that stand out in a crowd. They have a very polished quality to their dancing. Many students at this level if they haven’t already in Bronze begin dancing exhibition and competition dancing.

Gold and Open level dancers are often asked if they are teachers and represent the highest levels of ballroom dancing. For many of these students studying dancing as a life time hobby is a much a part of their dancing as going out social dancing. 
A Few Final Points
East Towne has a 'business casual' dress code.

Wear comfortable clothes that area easy to move in and shoes with thin flexible soles. Afer a few lessons you may choose to purchase dance shoes. We carry shoes or we can direct you to a variety of sources.

Saturday mornings are Junior classes and students and teachers have casual day and jeans are permitted.

No partner is necessary to take lessons. We have a fairly even mix of couples and singles.

After your 'special', private rates are the same for couples and singles.

Group class rates are per person.

Once you have visited us or other schools, you will be the best judge of your dancing needs. How good you would like to become, how often you wish to attend class, and how many dances you would like to learn is up to you. It is then up to us to help you reach your goals.You may start at any time. However some group classes do start on a monthly basis.

All East Towne instructors are independent contractors and after your introductory special all lesson and payment arrangements are handled with your teacher. Individual teachers may at times offer a special promotion or special guest referral incentives. Ask your teacher for details. Some instructors accept credit cards.


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