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Medal Exams &
Dance Achievements

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Next round of exams are:

November 20-22, 2015

What is a Medal Test?
A Medal test is an opportunity for students to be evaluated and critiqued by an independent, outside source, other than their teacher or other staff and are not required to do. You may test in all the dances, or select only a few, or even just one. The test can be in American or International styles, and should demonstrate a minimum of 2 figures in your level in time to the music. The test will consist of dancing with your teacher or another partner for one to two minutes each dance. You will be judged on posture, leading/ following, technique, dance position, footwork, and musicality and timing. The examiner will score each dance, and make written comments to guide your future lessons. Any of our teachers can prepare you for the test. Taking the six week syllabus classes on Monday evenings are also an excellent way to prepare for the exams. Students who take the test receive an evaluation, certificate, 15-20 minute coaching with the examiner and a medal. Cost is $75 for two dances.

Why do a Medal Test?
We believe that your journey through dancing should be well planned out, establishing destinations, and “milestones” along the way. The medal test is one such “milestone.” Most students have chosen as their goal a certain standard of dancing (i.e.: bronze, silver, gold, American or International styles). The medal test provides the objective, outside evaluation which validates the attainment of that goal. Working toward the medal test is fun and gives your lessons a sharp focus, as you learn details you might otherwise overlook. The medal test provides a tangible goal in time and will motivate both you and your teacher. Working towards a medal test affords many of the benefits enjoyed by competing amateur dancers, but without the stress of competition and public display. Your medal test will be a low-key event, just between you, your teacher, and the examiner!

What is a Dance Achievement Test?

Students also have the opportunity to have an evaluation done of any prepared routines for showcases and competitions. You are not required to take any of the level exams and they can be done at any level at any time. Cost is approximately $75 per dance and students receive an evaluation, 15-20 minute coaching with the examiner & a certificate.

Medal Exam Information Video

USISTD Medal Test Brochure pdf



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