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Zach & Lisa dancing in Peru.

When people inquire about taking lessons at East Towne they often ask about what type of people take lessons at our school, usually to find out if there is a compatible social environment for their age group. We currently have approximately 350 active students and an enormous alumni of previous students out in the dance community.

With ages ranging from 4 to 84, there really is no average age group and students are from all professions and backgrounds. Many of our clients travel from Illinois, the Fox Valley and Green Bay, Madison, and even Minneapolis, Northern Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and the East Coast .

The one common denominator is that they all have discovered the exciting world of dancing and are eager to share the excitement with new people. After all, even the teachers remember that they were a little nervous the first time they stepped into a dance studio and that we all started at the same level at one time.

Not only is it a priority for us for you to feel welcome at the school but we feel it is an important job of ours to connect you with the dance community outside of the school.

So whether you are with us for only a few lessons
or a lifetime you will be able to utilize your skills anywhere.

Wayne and Helen P. dancing
a great waltz on the Great Wall.

Wayne and Helen showing their happy feet
with the penguins in Antarctica.

Make the most out of
cruises and travels
by taking lessons
so you can go dancing
anywhere in the world!

"Ballroom Dancing!
no extra
luggage required!"

Dancing for the Queen Mum in front of her
childhood home, Glamis Castle, in England


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